Washington Update

FASEB Supports NSF Harassment Information Collection

By: Jacqueline Robinson-Hamm
Thursday, February 9, 2023
In late January, FASEB responded to National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) proposed information collection on the implementation of terms and conditions pertaining to harassment at awardee institutions. In its comments, FASEB praised NSF for continued efforts to ensure scientific environments are safe, welcoming, and free of harassment. 

NSF published a study of its anti-harassment policies, guidelines, and communications in June 2022 that showed some promising results. For example, almost 95 percent of institutions of higher education had an anti-harassment policy publicly available online. FASEB is proud to have its anti-discrimination and harassment policy accessible, as well as its conference code of conduct, which details unacceptable behavior and reporting processes. To increase awareness of NSF’s efforts to reduce hostile scientific spaces, FASEB recently posted information on federal agency harassment policies and resources. We look forward to findings from the proposed information collection and analysis that may result in additional actionable recommendations to help foster safe and welcoming research environments.