FASEB Journal Early Career Researcher Awards

Supporting Professional Development

The FASEB Journal is committed to researchers in more ways than one. In addition to providing an outlet for research to be seen in the journal by the world, researchers are supported in their endeavors to enrich their knowledge at FASEB's Science Research Conferences (SRC) through the FASEB Journal Early Career Researcher Awards, which provide financial assistance to attend SRCs. 

About the Awards

The FASEB Journal Early Career Researcher Awards were created to support the development of early-career researchers and FASEB's commitment to open science; research integrity; and diversity, equity, access and inclusion. Awards are available at a select number of conferences. Recipients receive a reimbursement of up to $500 for expenses related to attending a Science Research Conference.


To be eligible, applicants must 

  • Be an early-career researcher (defined as graduate student, postdoc, trainee, or within seven years of receiving doctoral degree, exceptions may apply)
  • Submit a conference abstract and commit to give an oral or poster presentation at an SRC

Trainees from historically excluded populations and/or with financial need are encouraged to apply.

Selection Criteria

Awards will be selected by the Science Research Conference's organizing committee during the conference. The winner will be announced at each participating conference.

As part of our commitment to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, the selection committee agrees to:  

  • Recognize bias and actively work to interrupt bias
  • Recognize that all applicants do not have the same opportunities and consider achievements relative to opportunity
  • Recognize the value of diverse contributions and teams
  • Consider the rigor of research as a decisioning factor
  • Consider open science, or any plans to make the research open (e.g., preprint or published article), data, code/software, or other resources (where applicable) as a decisioning factor

2023 Early Career Researcher Award Recipients


For questions concerning the award program, email us