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Now more than ever, data sharing and reuse are critical to advancing human health. Yet, the diversity of data types, research areas, and resources available make it challenging to identify data sharing and reuse strategies that are practical and relevant for your research. FASEB’s response to address this challenge is DataWorks!—an initiative that brings the biological and biomedical research communities together to advance human health through data sharing and reuse.

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Embarking on a research project for the first time or setting up a new lab? You may find it overwhelming to think about data management best practices. Use our FASEB DataWorks! Help Desk guides to simplify this process. Here are our Top 5 guides for new researchers, covering the essentials of data management. Continue reading

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Featured 2023 Prize Winner: iPop CATS

Team: iPop CATS
Captain: Daniel Harris
Project: geoPIPE
Prize: $50,000

The iPop CATS team developed an open-source tool designed to encourage the reuse of open data released to the public through open data portals. geoPIPE is its custom geospatial pipeline for enhancing open data that works by sending the data through a series of tasks to transform raw data into actionable data and to help fill the gap between open data release and data use. The team focuses on geospatial and natural language processing tasks which generate variables commonly required in biomedical studies. By letting data flow through geoPIPE, a derived data set specifically designed for reuse is generated for research.

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