Washington Update

FASEB Conferences Highlight Social Responsibility Initiative

By: Brandon Corbett
Wednesday, April 10, 2024
To ensure its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability, FASEB has initiated a series of campaigns to integrate principles of social and environmental responsibility at its 41 conferences in 2024, setting an example for the scientific community.

FASEB has partnered with SocialOffset, a platform dedicated to making a difference by facilitating contributions to local organizations dedicated to positive change. Conference attendees may support communities in several cities where conferences are being held, by contributing to a charity or social organization of their choice and being part of a larger movement toward positive change.

With Earth Day coming on April 22, FASEB is reinforcing the scientific community’s commitment to reducing climate change. As part of its sustainability efforts, FASEB conferences established its Green Pledge, a voluntary commitment to reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimize environmental harm. Attendees are encouraged to adopt eco-friendly practices such as reducing or recycling paper, bringing their own water bottles to conferences, and decreasing energy consumption wherever possible. Meanwhile, FASEB staff ensure that eco-friendly measures are taken to limit carbon footprints at each conference.

FASEB is also committed to sustaining diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI) in the biological and biomedical sciences. A major component of FASEB’s DEAI efforts is to encourage those from historically excluded groups to attend conferences. One of FASEB’s most important DEAI programs is CARES (Career Advancement and Research Excellence Support), which provides financial support to alleviate burdens associated with caregiving—enabling researchers to attend conferences and continue their scientific research. FASEB is currently accepting applications for the CARES Award. Applications for the current term will be accepted through April 12.

These initiatives demonstrate FASEB’s commitment to social responsibility and reflect the values of our conference attendees to create positive change and progress toward a more equitable and sustainable future.