Green Pledge

Safeguarding the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants goes to the heart of FASEB’s mission to advance the work of biological and biomedical researchers and informs the work of our member societies and their members.

FASEB’s Science Research Conferences (SRCs) are committed to improving energy and waste efficiency in all aspects of our operations, with a particular pledge to decrease our conferences’ carbon footprints and to become more environmentally sustainable.  

We understand that our activities may have unintended negative effects on the environment, and we are always seeking ways to diminish them. We do this by promoting awareness of our environmental impact, taking practical steps to reduce it, and decreasing energy consumption where possible.  

Through various initiatives, FASEB SRCs promote the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling to better manage the environmental impact of our conferences. These include working with the conference leadership to choose sustainable and accessible destinations and encouraging our participants to engage in sustainable efforts during their SRC experience. 

Carbon offsetting the impact of our conferences works alongside our efforts to take practical steps to reduce the environmental impact of our current activities. We invite participants to calculate and offset their travel/attendance carbon footprint using an organization of their choice. Some examples include: