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FASEB Launches Advocacy Training Fellowship

Thursday, June 1, 2023
FASEB announced today the launch of the Howard Garrison Advocacy Fellowship. This new program builds on FASEB’s mission to advance science policy goals, pursue sustainable funding for scientific research, and support researchers’ training and professional development.

It is increasingly important for scientists to engage directly with elected representatives, policymakers, and the broader public. Skills development in this area is rarely included in graduate school curricula and is unlike most scientific communication. FASEB’s response to address this gap is the Howard Garrison Advocacy Fellowship. 

“Public support is essential to research, vital to its creation and to its application. Through science advocacy, researchers help ensure that our nation invests in the resources needed for continued progress,” says Howard Garrison, former FASEB Director of Public Affairs and for whom the program is named. “Science advocacy is a noble calling and researchers make the most convincing advocates.” Garrison served in his role at FASEB for 25 years. 

About the Fellowship
The Howard Garrison Advocacy Fellowship is a 10-month cohort experience that provides instruction in advocacy, science policy, science communications, leadership development, and career exploration outside academia.

The program is comprised of three core learning and professional development experiences:
  • Science Policy and Advocacy Course, which will provide case studies and an overview of key players in policy and legislative development, 
  • Communications and Advocacy Training, which will strengthen researchers’ capacity to communicate with elected officials in Washington, D.C., during FASEB’s Capitol Hill Day activities, as well as to write opinion pieces and editorials for local and national media outlets, and 
  • Leadership and Professional Skills Development, which will include discussion sessions with Garrison and other policy experts, as well as participation in the FASEB Science Policy Committee (SPC) activities and the annual FASEB SPC Symposium.
The program is open to all life sciences researchers in all career stages at any FASEB Full Member society. Applications are due July 17.