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Announcing 2024 Howard Garrison Advocacy Fellowship

Monday, June 3, 2024

FASEB is now accepting applications for the 2024 Howard Garrison Advocacy Fellowship. This opportunity is open to biological and biomedical researchers in all career stages who wish to engage in collaborative exploration of science advocacy and communications.

In today’s landscape, it is increasingly important for scientists to engage directly with elected representatives, policymakers, and the broader public. Unfortunately, skills in this area of engagement are often overlooked in graduate school curricula and differ significantly from traditional scientific communication. The Howard Garrison Advocacy Fellowship bridges this gap.

Moreover, this fellowship builds on FASEB’s mission to advance science policy goals, pursue sustainable funding for scientific research, and support researchers’ training and professional development. 

"Participating in the FASEB Howard Garrison Advocacy Fellowship was highly rewarding. It deepened my understanding of science and policy, enhanced my advocacy and communication skills, and provided invaluable networking opportunities. This fellowship empowered me to contribute to evidence-based policymaking. I strongly recommend it for scientists seeking to understand government processes and advocacy,” says Jazmine Benjamin, PhD, of Syneos Health and a 2023 Howard Garrison Advocacy Fellow.

About the Fellowship
The Howard Garrison Advocacy Fellowship is a 10-month cohort experience that provides instruction in advocacy, science policy, science communications, leadership development, and career exploration outside academia. It is named for Howard Garrison, who served more than 25 years as FASEB Director of Public Affairs. 

The program includes three core components:

  • Science Policy and Advocacy Course: A 20-hour course over five weeks offers an overview of key players in policy and legislative development. The course uses case studies and stepwise assignments to ensure comprehension of the material.
  • Communications and Advocacy Training: The highlight of this training is participating in FASEB’s annual Capitol Hill Day, where you will meet with members of the House and Senate or their staff. You will receive support and coaching for communicating with elected officials both in Washington, D.C., and in your home districts, as well as guidance on submitting op-eds or letters-to-the-editor to local and national media outlets.
  • Leadership and Professional Skills Development: Engage in discussion sessions with Howard Garrison, FASEB’s former Director of Public Affairs, and other science policy and advocacy experts. You’ll also have the chance to observe (in a nonvoting capacity) monthly FASEB Science Policy Committee meetings and attend the annual FASEB Science Policy Committee Symposium.

To be eligible to participate, applicants may be a biological or biomedical researcher in any career stage at any FASEB Full Member society. Applications must be submitted online and are due July 15. Click here to visit the application site.