Plan a Congressional Visit

Congressional Visit and Advocacy Best Practices

Use our tips for engaging elected officials in meetings and town hall discussions.

Before the Visit

  • Be prepared. What is your “ask?” What specifically would you like the member of Congress to do? Determine if your legislator has any relevant House or Senate committee appointments (e.g.: Appropriations and Budget).
  • Do your homework. Check the member’s website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and, to learn about their positions and votes on relevant issues. See if the House and Senate members have recently signed letters supporting federal funding for research.
  • Gather relevant materials. Collect any materials you intend to leave with congressional staffers, such as the FASEB issue briefs and factsheets listed below:

State and District Factsheets

Federal Funding Report

Breakthroughs in Bioscience and Horizons in Bioscience Articles

After the Visit

  • Stay in touch. Follow-up the visit with an email thanking the member of Congress or staffer for their time and briefly summarizing the major issues discussed, including your “ask.” Keep in touch with your legislator through occasional correspondence and visits to the local office. Be sure to follow through on any commitments you made to staffers.
  • Share your experience. Check in with FASEB Office of Public Affairs staff. Ask them for help with follow up materials if needed. Complete a visit report form and send to FASEB or contact:

Jennifer Zeitzer - [email protected] or 301.634.7128

Ellen Kuo - [email protected] or 301.634.7008