Organize a Catalyst Conference

What Is a Catalyst Conference?

These half-day virtual conferences take place between October and April and allow researchers to explore new topics and provide researchers of any career level the opportunity to try their hand at organizing a conference. Catalyst Conferences also help prepare you to convene a larger, longer, and more complex SRC. You can choose to organize Catalyst Conferences at one of two levels—Entry and Advanced. Check out the Catalyst Conference Organizer Guide for additional information.

Why You Should Organize a Catalyst Conference

Organizing a Catalyst Conference allows you to:

  • Test a new conference topic, 
  • Create a following for a field of research,
  • Build a speaker pool, 
  • Establish a conference track record,
  • Excite potential sponsors.

How to Submit a Catalyst Conference Idea

If you are interested in organizing a Catalyst Conference, please send the following information to

  • Catalyst Conference title and topic description in a few sentences
  • Proposed date for your Catalyst Conference (Catalyst Conferences are normally held on Wednesdays, October through April)
  • Organizer bio

Review and Decision

Catalyst Conference proposals are accepted on submission, with periodic reviews to ensure topic relevance and monitor speaker line up as the agenda develops. 

Want to learn more? Contact us about organizing a Catalyst Conference.