Diversity Resources for Organizers

This page contains information that we hope will guide you to create a diverse, inclusive, and accessible conference experience. If you have questions about your SRC’s past diversity performance, contact us at src@faseb.org. 

FASEB Conferences Diversity Statement:

FASEB is committed to sustaining diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI) in the biological and biomedical sciences. FASEB’s goal is to create and support a conference environment that is welcoming and safe for all. FASEB believes inclusion of diverse participants, including attendees and speakers, is critical to the scientific and educational integrity of conferences. Organizers are expected to design programs that reflect this commitment.

Diversity and Inclusion Definitions:

Diversity has many aspects. Some elements of diversity are visible to the eye, others are not, which makes a firm definition of what diversity is nearly impossible. As a starting place for discussion, diversity may be considered as referring to a group of individuals with distinct and intersecting lived experiences including but not limited to, racial ethnic identity, gender identity, religion, physical and cognitive ability, class, and sexual orientation. Inclusion is a continuous process of engagement that ensures diverse members of a group have equal access, a sense of belonging, and are empowered to make impactful decisions.

Please note: The links below may be organized and maintained by institutions and organizations outside of FASEB.

Diverse Speaker Databases/Listings

Glossary of DEAI Terms and Inclusive Language

Resource Pages:

Organizations for Underrepresented Voices in Science

FASEB DEI Quickstart Guide: FASEB DEI Quickstart

NIH Scientific Workforce Diversity Toolkit: NIH Scientific Workforce Diversity Toolkit

White House Report on Best Practices in STEM Research and Education: Best Practices for Diversity Inclusion in STEM

Guides to Creating Inclusive Conferences

Conference Technology