FASEB Conferences On-Demand FAQ

What are the FASEB Conferences On-Demand?
FASEB Conferences On-Demand provides online access to videos made of the keynote, invited, and oral presentations at FASEB Science Research Conferences (SRCs). 

Why are SRCs providing an on-demand option? 
FASEB’s motivation for providing an on-demand option is to increase accessibility for undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, and researchers who are unable to attend meetings in person. Certain individuals interested in attending may be prohibited due to a variety of reasons, including financial (rising costs of travel), personal or professional conflicts during the conference time, and in some cases, required additional support such as closed captioning. 

We also are committed to sustainability and recognize that on-demand registration and attendance can meet this growing need in our global community. Further, as costs continue to increase for in-person attendance, any revenues FASEB brings in from the recordings that are beyond the costs we incur would be pushed back into the community and conferences to support and keep costs affordable for researchers and students.

What advantage do presenters have by participating in the recordings?
Participating in recordings supports accessibility by researchers and students unable to attend. It can also allow your research to reach a broader audience, have a greater impact, provide enhanced discoverability, and bring new networking opportunities.

Which SRCs will be available on-demand?
FASEB will strive to make as many conferences on-demand as possible. However, there is a chance that not all SRCs will be able to participate if the operational infrastructure does not allow it. 

What SRC content will be available as part of FASEB Conferences On-Demand?
The keynote, invited, and oral presentations will be recorded, both the video of the speaker and the video of the slides presented. Alongside each presentation, closed captioning will be available to support accessibility needs. The open questions and answers at the end of a presentation will not be recorded, nor will posters or other types of activities.

What rights do I retain for my work as a presenter when I opt in for the recordings?
As a presenter, you and your co-authors own the research, findings, data, slides, ideas, facts, identity, and all the related proprietary and copyrights. You are not limited in your rights by participating in the recording any more than you would be by giving an in-person presentation. 

What if I do not wish to participate in the recordings?
While we strongly encourage that you participate in recordings to support our efforts at improving accessibility, we respect your right to opt-out should you choose to do so. During the registration and abstract submission process, there is a new brief section focused on recordings, and all presenters will have the opportunity to opt in and out of participating in recordings at that time.

How and when can someone register for and access FASEB Conferences On-Demand after the SRC ends?
Select conferences offered via FASEB Conferences On-Demand will be available for registration and access on an individual conference basis, or you may register for the collection of all on-demand conferences on a full-year basis. FASEB aims to have registration and access to On-Demand Conferences within a few weeks after the in-person conference. Registration allows users to access the on-demand content for one full year.

If I attend a FASEB Science Research Conference in person, will access to the conference On-Demand recordings be included in my attendance package?
To keep in-person attendance costs at conferences affordable, the On-Demand recordings are a separate package. However, as an in-person conference attendee, you will be able to access your conference’s On-Demand videos (where available) at a discount.

Can viewers of FASEB Conferences On-Demand download the videos?
Videos are available to be viewed within the platform but cannot be downloaded or modified by viewers.

Who do I contact with questions about FASEB Conferences On-Demand?
Email us.