Washington Update

White House and SOA Release National Strategy to Build Diverse STEMM Workforce

By: Yvette Seger
Wednesday, May 8, 2024
On May 1, the STEMM Opportunity Alliance (SOA), a broad coalition of more than 200 organizations, released STEMM Equity and Excellence 2050: A National Strategy for Progress and Prosperity, strategic plan to increase access and opportunity in the U.S. STEMM education and workforce. The White House Summit on STEMM Equity and Excellence: Propelling Progress and Prosperity by 2050—a follow-up to the December 2022 White House Summit on Equity and Excellence and STEMM and SOA launch—featured panel discussions highlighting key SOA partner commitments in support of the strategy.

These discussions were supplemented by breakout discussions among nearly 350 leaders in STEMM education and workforce development to achieve short- and long-term progress towards the plan’s five strategic pillars:
  • Engagement: Nurturing Curiosity in Every Child
  • Inspiration: Developing Skilled and Diverse Educators
  • Discovery: Creating Opportunity for All in Higher Education
  • Innovation: Leveraging Diverse Minds in R&D
  • Opportunity: Ensuring All Workers Thrive
Participants in each breakout group highlighted existing initiatives that could further each goal area and identified gaps needing additional SOA partner support and collaboration. These preliminary discussions will inform subsequent partnership meetings to solidify short- and long-term commitments and activities.