Washington Update

Reconnect with Colleagues at the 2022 FASEB Science Research Conferences

By: Jennifer Zeitzer
Thursday, April 14, 2022
Are you interested in emerging biological and biomedical research and miss in-person networking with your peers? If so, make plans to attend one of FASEB’s 50 Science Research Conferences (SRCs) to share your science, reconnect with colleagues, and expand your expertise. Learn more about the conference line up, abstract submission process, scientific programs, early-bird registration discounts, and the organizer committees here.

Each conference offers a multiday combination of keynote presentations, poster sessions, meet-the-experts talks, and career development workshops organized by leading scientists in their fields. Conference topics include genetics, cell biology, clinical and translational medicine, endocrinology, microbiology, immunology, molecular and structural biology, organ systems, cellular metabolism and nutrition, cancer biology, aging research, and developmental and reproductive biology. 

Conferences are offered in 16 locations across the United States and in Canada, Ghana, Ireland, and Portugal. The schedule begins in May and runs through December. Take advantage of early-bird registration fees to reduce overall costs. 

Want to Organize an SRC? 
Those interested in organizing a future SRC can learn more about the process here. Proposals for 2024 conferences are due on September 8, 2022, and February 10, 2023.