Washington Update

NSB Receives NSF Harassment Policy Update

Thursday, March 11, 2021

During its recent meeting, National Science Board (NSB) was updated on National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) harassment policy, specifically an award term and condition change enacted in October 2018. FASEB has previously supported this update focused on creating safe research and learning environments. Notably reported at the NSB meeting, NSF’s harassment term and condition working group has met weekly since October 2018 and has received 38 notifications of harassment or approximately 1.5 per month.

The NSF harassment webpage includes a routinely updated frequently asked questions document regarding the harassment policy. The latest update clarifies that “other forms of harassment” includes, but is not limited to, harassment based on ethnicity, race, gender, or disability. Furthermore, NSF collates promising practices for addressing harassment with examples of effective means of prevention, reporting, responding to allegations, and more.

Recordings of the first day and the second day of NSB meeting are available for viewing. Discussion of the harassment policy update begins at approximately 30:55 of the day one recording.