Washington Update

New FASEB DataWorks! Hub Offers Data Management Solutions

By: Katherine McNeill
Wednesday, January 11, 2023
This week FASEB announced it is continuing its efforts to facilitate a culture of data management, sharing, and reuse by launching a pilot of DataWorks! Help Desk. A component of the FASEB DataWorks! initiative, DataWorks! Help Desk is a hub for resources and solutions specifically for researchers in the biological and biomedical sciences.  

DataWorks! Help Desk is a key step forward in FASEB’s quest to support life sciences researchers. It is designed to be an easy-to-use service to ease researchers’ ability to navigate data management and sharing in their research and accelerate scientific discovery. 

Easing Research Needs 
The sharing and reuse of research data are critical to advancing the life sciences—enabling validation of research results and promoting data reuse for future research studies. To support researchers’ needs, DataWorks! Help Desk offers solutions for:
  • Determining steps to take before, during, and after research
  • Writing a data management plan (DMP)
  • Identifying optimal data to include in a DMP
  • Budgeting for data management
  • Storing data
  • And much more! 
Provide Your Feedback on the Help Desk Pilot 
To make this the best service possible, FASEB wants to hear from you:
  • How can Help Desk improve? 
  • What additional resources will be helpful? 
Help us ensure that DataWorks! Help Desk will continue to meet your research needs. Share your feedback and help us build upon our efforts.