Washington Update

FASEB Seeks Early-Career Representatives

By: Sally Schwettmann
Thursday, March 9, 2023
Early-career scientists make up a significant portion of the biological and biomedical sciences community. To better represent the unique insights and opinions of this critical group at the highest levels of Federation leadership and to foster dialogue between current and future generations of researchers, voting positions on FASEB's Board of Directors and Science Policy Committee (SPC) are now open for early-career scientists. 

More information, including eligibility requirements and position responsibilities, can be found here. Individuals within seven years of their first independent faculty/research position who are members in good standing of at least one FASEB member society are eligible for the Board of Directors position. The SPC positions are open to graduate students or current postdoctoral researchers who also meet the above criteria.

The application deadline is March 27. Early-career members on FASEB’s Board of Directors and Science Policy Committee serve one two-year term, beginning July 1 of the year appointed and ending June 30 of the second year in service. Contact FASEB regarding eligibility questions or for additional information.