Washington Update

FASEB Releases New Summer Advocacy Campaign Materials

By: Jennifer Zeitzer
Thursday, July 26, 2018

FASEB recently released an infographic on the benefits of biomedical research, pictured to the left, and a guide to hosting a lab visit – new advocacy resources designed to assist researchers, graduate students, and other stakeholders who want to engage with their members of Congress in home districts and states. Summer is an ideal time to advocate for science funding: the House of Representatives’ recess is July 30 to September 3, and the Senate break is August 6-10.

The FASEB infographic illustrates how federally funded research enables remarkable progress in the biological and biomedical sciences, benefiting all Americans. Data and statistics are provided on health-improving treatments; innovative new technologies, products, and services; and programs that expand our understanding of basic research. The infographic also covers how federal funding supports the training of thousands of young scientists and engineers. This infographic is available for download on the FASEB website, in two sizes, a digital version with sources (8.5 X 14 in) and a print version (8.5 X 11 in).

Inviting members of Congress to visit a research institution is a great way to showcase the local impact of federally supported research and can help scientists cultivate better relationships with their elected officials. FASEB’s Guide to Hosting a Lab Visit includes a sample invitation letter, suggested event agendas, and advice for coordinating logistics with university officials.

Actions that scientists can take this summer to advocate for increased biological and biomedical research funding were reviewed on a recent FASEB webinar. An archived recording of the session is available online.