Washington Update

FASEB Refreshes NIH Funding Trends Resource

By: Jennifer Zeitzer
Thursday, September 26, 2019

Each fall, FASEB releases “National Institutes of Health (NIH) Appropriations & Grant Trends,” a comprehensive analysis of the most currently available data on funding, grants, and application success rates.

The latest version of this resource includes a new design that allows users to quickly find graphs – and then easily identify and evaluate data trends. Slides feature explanatory text highlighting major findings, as well as definitions of commonly used terms. Data have been incorporated from NIH databases and President Trump’s fiscal year 2019 budget recommendations. Annotations on the slides link to data sources.

As a result of the NIH’s recent efforts to increase transparency, more funding data is available than ever before. To take advantage of the additional information and broaden the topics covered in this analysis, several new graphs were added that:

  • Examine NIH appropriations trends by funding era
  • Estimate the impact of recent increases of the NIH budget
  • Combine funding and success rate trends
  • Compare growth in NIH grant applicants versus applications.

This resource is intended to make NIH appropriations and grant trends more accessible to policy makers, scientists, and legislators. Individual slides or the entire set can be used as part of district meetings, laboratory visits by members of Congress and their staff, science cafes, and other public outreach events.