Washington Update

FASEB Provides Feedback on Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion in Cancer Research Workforce

By: Yvette Seger
Thursday, July 22, 2021

On July 8, FASEB submitted comments to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in response to a Request for Information (RFI) seeking input on ways to enhance diversity and inclusion in the cancer research workforce. The RFI is part of NCI’s Diversity and Inclusion Program, charged with identifying opportunities and establishing priorities to promote equity and social justice across the Institute’s research activities and workforce.

In its response, FASEB reiterated positions highlighted in previous comments. Most recently, FASEB discussed factors that present obstacles in training, mentoring, or career path as part of its feedback on the broader National Institutes of Health UNITE initiative to end structural racism. This April response also noted successful actions NIH and other institutions and organizations are taking to improve representation, equity, and inclusion.

FASEB also drew upon comments submitted in response to a 2018 RFI issued by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences seeking input on strategies to enhance postdoctoral career transitions to foster faculty diversity. These comments provided a comprehensive review of initiatives sponsored by FASEB and its individual member societies to support the development of a diverse and inclusive biological and biomedical research workforce.