Washington Update

FASEB Partners with DMPTool to Launch DMP Challenge

By: Yvette Seger
Thursday, December 2, 2021
Data Management Plans (DMPs) are integral components of research projects, serving as the blueprint for how data will be collected, organized, stored, and shared. While some funding organizations have required DMPs as part of grant applications for several years, there are still areas of research for which DMPs are not yet mandatory. This will change in January 2023 when the National Institute of Health’s Final Policy for Data Management and Sharing goes into effect, requiring applicants to submit a DMP as a condition of award. 

To help researchers prepare for this requirement and learn how to craft effective DMPs, FASEB’s DataWorks! initiative has partnered with the University of California Curation Center’s DMPTool to launch the DataWorks! DMP Challenge. In addition to providing a forum to guide researchers through the process of developing a DMP, the challenge will recognize and reward exemplar DMPs via cash prizes of $500 each.

Interested in learning more about the FASEB DataWorks! DMP Challenge? Join us on December 14 at 2–3 pm ET for a webinar that will outline challenge goals, judging rubric, and other contest parameters.