Washington Update

FASEB Meetings Program Now Accepting Proposals

By: Andrea Bauerfeind
Wednesday, June 2, 2021

To spur innovation and growth in your scientific discipline, FASEB invites you to submit your conference proposals to our meetings programs.

Science Research Conferences
Science Research Conferences (SRCs) are specialized meetings organized by leading biomedical researchers that attract thousands of scientists each year, offering research-driven programming, career development, and networking opportunities.

FASEB is open to proposals in bioscience broadly but encourages researchers to submit proposals in topic areas that have not been featured recently in the SRC series:

  • Behavioral Genetics and Epidemiology
  • Brain Injury and Neurovascular Pathologies
  • Cardiovascular Differentiation and Development
  • Developmental Brain Disorders
  • HIV Coinfections and HIV Associated Cancers
  • HIV Molecular Virology, Cell Biology, and Drug Development
  • Systemic Injury by Environmental Exposure
  • Vaccines Against Microbial Diseases

The deadline for proposals for the 2023 SRC series is September 28, 2021.

Visit the FASEB website for more information about planning an SRC or contact src@faseb.org.

Catalyst Conferences
Catalyst Conferences are half-day virtual meetings designed to accelerate:

  • Topic Discovery: Emerging topics can be tested easily to determine viability as a full-fledged Science Research Conference
  • Community Development: Researchers focusing on specialized or smaller topics in biology can find a home for their community
  • Career Growth: Early-career researchers can try their hand arranging a conference, building a skill set they will need as their careers evolve

There are still openings on the October 2021–April 2022 Catalyst Conference schedule and topics are considered on a rolling basis.

Visit the FASEB website for more information about planning a Catalyst Conference or contact catalysts@faseb.org.