Washington Update

FASEB Announces 2023 Conference Schedule

By: Jennifer Zeitzer
Thursday, November 10, 2022
Scientific knowledge thrives on shared learning, a primary reason why FASEB offers dozens of conferences each year that cover a vast array of biological and biomedical topics. A variety of formats allows attendees to share findings, network, and collaborate with other scientists in their research field or related fields.
In 2023, FASEB will host 20 Science Research Conferences (SRCs). SRCs are multiday, in-person meetings featuring discussion of scientific advances and sharing of cutting-edge research through lectures, posters, informal discussions, and social events. The complete SRC schedule is available online. You can sort the schedule by month or topic area. 2023 topics include cell biology, neuroscience, clinical and translational medicine, immunology, genetics and genomics, and many other focus areas. Click on the title of the conference you are interested in to see a description, the location, information about registration fees and deadlines, abstract submission instructions, and other key details. The individual conference websites will be updated with additional information over the next few months.
FASEB also offers Catalyst Conferences—short, virtual meetings that are intended to help foster communities in emerging areas of biology. Five Catalyst Conferences are scheduled in 2023. In addition, registration is still open for Cardiac Interatrial Septum and Stroke Risk, the final Catalyst Conference in 2022.