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Shared Research Resources Roundtable Discusses SRR Task Force Recommendations

Thursday, July 29, 2021
On June 17, FASEB hosted a virtual Shared Research Resources (SRR) Roundtable to follow up on the FASEB SRR Task Force's efforts. The Roundtable served as an opportunity to convene a broad range of stakeholders—including funding agencies, institutional leadership, and other scientific societies—and discuss the Task Force's final recommendations. Participants exchanged strategies for enhancing SRRs located in core facilities and shared ideas for strengthening support for our nation's critical shared resources.
The Roundtable webinar is separated into two parts. Part 1 covers the first half of the Roundtable, including Task Force member presentations and Part 2 covers the second half of the event which focused on breakout room discussions. Part 2 includes commentary from Task Force co-chairs Sheenah Mische, PhD, and Nick Ambulos, PhD.
Visit the FASEB website for additional information on SRRs, including the final report and next steps.