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FASEB Offers New Membership Category

Monday, January 27, 2020
FASEB has added a second membership category for scientific societies, Associate member. This new category is designed to support societies interested in increasing their advocacy for science.

A subcommittee of the FASEB Board of Directors developed this new structure, based on a comprehensive review of FASEB member benefits and an analysis of the scientific society landscape. Associate members receive many, though not all, of the same benefits as Full members.

“I liken this new membership structure to a theater performance,” said Frank Krause, CAE, FASEB’s executive director. “While everyone in the theater is interested and engaged, those on the stage – Full members – play a more active role, while those in the audience – Associate members – act in a more passive yet supportive role,” Krause said. “We welcome inquiries about this new membership category from societies large and small.”  

A new section of contains a broad range of information about the new membership category, including benefits of Associate and Full, and details on the overall value of Federation membership. Scientific societies can signal their interest via an electronic inquiry form on the site at