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FASEB Announces Partnership with Dryad

Thursday, February 1, 2024
FASEB announced a collaboration between FASEB Publications and Dryad. FASEB Publications is home to the highly cited and broad impact flagship of the federation, The FASEB Journal, and its sound science partner journal, FASEB BioAdvances. Both are peer-reviewed journals that accelerate advancements in biomedical and biological research. Dryad is an open data publishing platform for the curation, open sharing, and reuse of research data. 

FASEB is committed to advancing open science broadly, including the sharing and reuse of research data. Shared data enable validation of research results and promote data reuse for related research studies—all key to supporting FASEB’s mission of advancing health and well-being by promoting research and education in the biological and biomedical sciences. FASEB joined Dryad to provide this new service to authors.

Peer review sites for FASEB’s journals are now connected directly to Dryad so authors can readily upload data in a secure environment where it is assigned a persistent identifier and stored during the peer review process. Upon publication of the research article, the corresponding data sets are curated and made readily available on the Dryad site for researchers around the world to access and reuse without restriction. Overall, this effort supports authors with an integrated free-to-use tool that enables data curation, publication, and citation. “We are excited to have a partnership in place with Dryad for our authors’ to deposit their data in a secure and open access format.  A basic tenet of research is reproducibility of data, and having all data available for examination is important as we move The FASEB Journal to the next level,” says Loren E. Wold, PhD, FAHA, FAPS, Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal.

Dryad helps to ensure the quality, accessibility, storage, and sharing of research data in a way that offers a smooth and easy experience for authors. “Dryad is pleased to be a trusted partner to leading scientific societies like FASEB in advancing the openness, integrity and reproducibility of the research they publish”, says Jennifer Gibson, Dryad’s Executive Director. “The demand for more, quality data from researchers is growing, and our societies are powerful allies in delivering essential support. Welcome, FASEB, to the Dryad community!”