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FASEB Announces 2020 BioArt Winners

Thursday, October 29, 2020
FASEB congratulates the winners of the 2020 BioArt Scientific Image and Video Competition. Now in its ninth year, the BioArt competition illuminates the beauty of biological research and helps inspire public curiosity about science. This year’s winners include members of FASEB societies and represent a wide range of biological research.

“FASEB receives outstanding submissions to the BioArt Competition — and this year’s submissions continued that tradition,” said FASEB President Louis B. Justement. “The BioArt competition showcases the beauty that emerges from scientific research; much of which is never seen by anyone outside the researchers’ labs. FASEB is proud to offer this competition as a celebration of the art of science,” Justement added. 

BioArt Winner Image for Press Release_2020.png

Image Winners
  • Skin/Muscle Interface — Sarah Lipp, Purdue University, and Sarah Calve, PhD,* University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Cardiac Lymphatic Network Remodeling — Coraline Héron, PhD,* University of Rouen, France
  • Intestinal Villi — Amy Engevik, PhD,* Vanderbilt University Medical Center  
  • Hindlimbs from Chick Embryos — Christian Bonatto, PhD,* Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • Human Enamel — Timothy G. Bromage,* New York University College of Dentistry
  • South American Cichlid — M. Chaise Gilbert, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Sickle Cell Disease — Alexa Abounader, Cleveland Institute of Art, and Umut Gurkan, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
  • Turtle Shell — Heather F. Smith, PhD,* Midwestern University; Brent Adrian, Midwestern University; Andrew Lee, Midwestern University; Christopher Notot, University of Wisconsin, Parkside; and Aryeh Grossman, Midwestern University
  • Crocodilian Lung Biology — Emma Schachner, PhD,* Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
  • Filamentous Viruses — Edward H. Egelman, PhD, University of Virginia; Fengbin Wang, University of Virginia; Agnieszka Kawska, PhD; and Mart Krupovic, PhD, Institut Pasteur

Video Winners
  • CT Scan Data of Embryonic American Alligator — Emily Lessner,* University of Missouri, and Casey Holliday, PhD,* University of Missouri
  • 10-Day Old Cultured Cortical Neurons — Karthik Krishnamurthy, PhD, Thomas Jefferson University; Aaron Haeusler, PhD, Thomas Jefferson University; Davide Trotti, PhD, Thomas Jefferson University; and Piera Pasinelli, PhD, Thomas Jefferson University
  • E. Coli Bacteria — Kristen Dancel-Manning, BFA, BA, MS, New York University Langone Health

*FASEB Society Members

The BioArt competition is open to members of FASEB societies and biomedical and life scientists who receive U.S. federal funding to conduct their research. More information can be found on the BioArt webpage.