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Applications Open for SDB Programs That Support Career Development

By: Jacqueline Robinson-Hamm
Wednesday, April 26, 2023
The Society for Developmental Biology (SDB), a FASEB member society, is offering two programs with upcoming application deadlines designed to support career development of biological scientists. Both opportunities are open to non-SDB members for a fee, if selected. Fees are not due at the time of application.

GetHIRED! is a course designed to help postdoctoral scholars and senior graduate students prepare materials for going on the academic job market. The course will meet synchronously virtually between May and August, with asynchronous work between live sessions. There will also be a bonus live session held at the SDB meeting in Chicago in July. Topics covered in the course include taking stock of what you want, knowing your options, preparing outstanding job packet materials, organizing your research and chalk talks, and perfecting your interview.

Applications for GetHIRED! are open now and due by April 30. If selected, there is a course fee; SDB members pay $249, and nonmembers pay $349. Trainee membership at SDB is available at a discounted rate: graduate students pay $35 per year and postdoctoral scholars pay $65 per year.

New Faculty Boot Camp is a blended learning course ideal for pre-tenure faculty within the first three years of starting their position and advanced postdoctoral scholars who have accepted a job offer. Course participants will learn how to plan for success; develop as leader; manage time, projects, and people; find and secure funding; and grow as teachers and mentors. A primary goal of the course beyond the learning objectives is fostering a supportive community of practice, helping participants build relationships with colleagues going through the same or similar experiences. 

The New Faculty Boot Camp will run July through November. The first session will be held the day before the SDB annual meeting in Chicago. Following this first meeting, there will be six virtual meetings between August and November, and an additional six asynchronous online modules. Applications are open now and due by May 15. If selected, there is a course fee; SDB members pay $299, and nonmembers pay $499.