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Applications Now Open for FASEB LEAD

Saturday, May 4, 2024
Applications are now open for the FASEB LEAD (Leadership Engagement and Appreciation of Differences) program. June 14 is the application deadline. 

LEAD is a unique initiative designed to promote diversity and innovation within the scientific research community. The program operates by pairing junior-level mentors with experienced professionals, providing a platform for the exchange of perspectives and the cultivation of an inclusive and respectful environment. This collaboration facilitates the sharing of insights and drives progress toward equity within the scientific research community. 

Participants in LEAD can expect 
  • Reverse mentoring opportunities to exchange insights and experiences
  • A supportive and confidential environment conducive to open dialogue
  • The chance to contribute to shaping the future of scientific research culture
While the program is open to all biological and biomedical research scientists, priority is given to individual members of FASEB's Full Member societies

For more information or to apply to LEAD, visit the program's website.