Data Sharing and Reuse

Data are a fundamental component of the research process. Sharing that data is essential to accelerate and enhance research discoveries—key to supporting our mission of advancing health and welfare by promoting progress in the biological and biomedical sciences. 

Perplexed by the World of Data Sharing and Reuse?
You are not alone. Many researchers in the life sciences are interested in data reuse but find it hard to navigate today’s confusing open data landscape. FASEB DataWorks! is a new initiative to bring the biology community together to address some of the common concerns researchers have around openly sharing their data, including (but not limited to):

  • retaining intellectual property rights,
  • establishing and identifying formal repositories,
  • standardizing methods of interpreting and annotating data,
  • training in data management techniques, and
  • navigating the complex world of Data Management Plans (DMPs).

Through FASEB DataWorks!, we are creating an ecosystem that engages all stakeholders in the research process. Our goals for this initiative are to accelerate discovery in the life sciences, increase data accessibility and leverage it to maximize the return on investment of research, and support compliance with funder policies on data stewardship. Read more from our CEO

The initiative features four components:

  • a series of salons to foster community conversations that explore data reuse barriers and solutions, as well as capture insights to improve data-sharing practices,
  • a Fellows program to help researchers and teams hone their data management and sharing skills and mentor their peers in data reuse strategies,
  • a data help desk and knowledgebase to offer guidance and peer mentoring on data-sharing policies and practices, and
  • an annual grand challenge prize to recognize research teams that accelerate discovery through data sharing and reuse.

To ensure we meet the research community’s needs and evolve as the culture changes, FASEB is taking an incremental approach to FASEB DataWorks! The salon series kicks off in October 2021 and continues over the next 12 months. The Fellows program will launch in early 2022, followed by the data help desk/knowledgebase and challenge prize launching in 2022-2023.

Join the Conversation on October 7
The inaugural FASEB DataWorks! Salon will take place online October 7 at 1 pm ET. This interactive event will highlight FASEB’s partnership with Openscapes, an organization that works to show scientists the value of working collaboratively in teams. Participants will explore strategies to instill data-sharing practices within a research team, with the discussion informing the FASEB DataWorks! Fellows program. Register today!