Data Science and Informatics

FASEB continues to monitor issues and develop proactive recommendations and policies on topics related to data management and sharing. Specific areas of interest include:

  • Federal policies on data generation, sharing, citation, and utilization;
  • Management of data resources and standards; and 
  • Resources to support data curation and sharing.

Statement on Data Management and Access

FASEB affirms the importance of data management and access to scientific progress. Good data practices are necessary to achieve the maximal benefit of research for all stakeholders. Technological advances are expanding the ways investigators collect, utilize, and share data, leading to new knowledge and discovery. The diversity of data types, research areas, and resources available make it challenging to identify data management and accessibility strategies that are practical and relevant for all life science fields. Therefore, FASEB advocates for flexible and customizable approaches that allow investigators and research sponsors to establish reasonable expectations for a particular research project.

Moving forward, the scientific enterprise will need to develop integrated community-based solutions. The following principles and recommendations are meant to help guide stakeholder efforts to advance data management and access in the biological and medical sciences.