DataWorks! Salon

DataWorks! Salon enables researchers to take part in conversation spaces that foster an exchange of ideas to design effective practices for data sharing and reuse.

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  • March 30: Data Management Fundamentals 

Join us for an overview of data management and sharing best practices in biological and biomedical research. An overview of the key steps that you can take to manage and share your data will be presented, followed by conversation space where our team can answer your data management questions. This salon is great for people new to or wanting to enhance their fundamental understanding of data management and sharing best practices.

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Next Salon:

  • April 25-26: DataWorks! Prize Symposium 

In lieu of an April Salon, FASEB and NIH will host a symposium to share best practices in data sharing and reuse and celebrate the achievements of DataWorks! Prize participants. The symposium will feature conversations with prize winners about shared learnings and tactics research teams can use to advance scientific discovery through data sharing and reuse. Learn more.