The Polycystic Kidney Disease Conference: Hurdles and Advances in Molecular Mechanisms and Therapies

July 24–29, 2022
Lisbon, Portugal



July 24-29, 2022

Launched in 2002, this FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) focuses on the inherited renal cystic diseases including the autosomal dominant (ADPKD) and recessive (ARPKD) forms of polycystic kidney disease (PKD), the overlapping autosomal dominant polycystic liver diseases (ADPLD), and many syndromic forms of PKD, such as ciliopathies.

Identification of genes mutated in many of these disorders has improved the understanding of their pathophysiology, made the development of orthologous animal models possible, and facilitated the identification of therapeutic targets and the implementation of preclinical and clinical trials.

Now is a particularly propitious time for PKD research: Advances in structural biology and modeling are shedding light into the functions of polycystins, novel human PKD and PLD genes are being identified, and a number of recent studies are revealing insights into cilia-dependent and cilia-independent polycystin functions, namely atypical G-protein-coupled receptor, ion channel, or cellular sensors within signaling networks. In this era of omics, significant progress is being achieved on PKD pathogenesis, particularly in cellular/organelle biology, multivesicular bodies, and metabolic regulation. Experimental models, including kidney organoids, are serving to elucidate underlying mechanisms and screen drugs, and multiple preclinical and clinical trials for PKD are underway, such as PKD re-expression and the emerging field of RNA therapeutics. 

Yet, much remains to be learned about the genetic and molecular mechanisms of these diseases. Optimal therapies capable of preventing their development or stopping their progression do not yet exist. Research on PKD is ongoing from the most basic to phase III clinical trials. This disorder truly encompasses all areas from bench to bedside.

The conference focuses on recent advances in the pathogenic mechanisms underlying PKD and PKD-related disorders, and the development of therapies to slow their progression. It brings together basic scientists, clinical researchers and investigators, early-stage investigators, trainees, funding agencies, and medical science liaisons from pharmaceutical companies who will share and promote cross-disciplinary discussions and collaboration.

The participants’ wide range of disciplines include nephrology, gastroenterology, cell biology, genetics, physiology, biochemistry and structural biology, developmental biology, molecular medicine, pharmacology, and health sciences.

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Important Dates

Abstract Deadline: June 13, 2022
Early Registration Deadline: June 23, 2022
Housing Deadline: June 24, 2022
Cancellation Deadline: July 3, 2022
Registration Closing Deadline: July 20, 2022


The conference's main themes are: 1) PKD genetic, protein structures, biologic functions and interactions; 2) Molecular pathologies triggered in PKD: metabolism, inflammation, and fibrosis; 3) Discoveries on PKD cystogenic mechanisms: signaling, high-throughput screening and model systems such as organoids; 4) New therapeutic targets, biomarkers, and clinical trials.

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on:
  • Genetic and cystogenic mechanisms in PKD and PLD
  • PKD proteins : structures, complexes, and functions
  • Cell biology of PKD proteins: cell metabolism to cilia
  • PKD cystogenic signaling pathways
  • Inflammation and fibrosis in PKD
  • PKD/PLD models, screening, and mechanisms
  • New therapeutic approaches and targets
  • Clinical trials update: diagnosis, biomarkers, treatment and outcomes
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Keynote Lecture

Masayuki Yamamoto, PhD, Tohoku University



Marie Trudel, PhD

Director, Molecular Genetics and Development Research Unit, IRCM—Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal, Canada

Peter Igarashi, MD

Nesbitt Chair and Head, Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis

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