Health and Safety

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

As a scientific society working in the life sciences, FASEB supports vaccines and vaccine research as essential tools in the fight against disease, including the current pandemic. For the health and safety of our members and community, FASEB is requiring all in-person conference participants to be vaccinated for COVID-19: 

COVID-19 vaccination is required for all in-person conference participants. Conference participants will be asked for verification of COVID vaccination records before receiving credentials to access the in-person conference. Individuals are considered fully vaccinated as currently defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which includes World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. The CDC lists authorized vaccines by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and those authorized by the WHO. FASEB encourages all participants to obtain a booster dose as well.

COVID-19 Protocols

FASEB will communicate additional, conference-specific, safety information closer to each meeting and will update participants accordingly. Additional details provided may include verification of vaccination process, masks wearing policies, social distancing, daily health self-assessments, venue related health protocols, local testing locations and fees, etc. 

Any guidelines in effect at the conference location will be considered the minimum requirements. FASEB reserves the right to impose more stringent requirements, including mask-wearing protocols, at its in-person conferences. 

In-person conference participants who are not in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines issued for a FASEB conference will not be admitted to the event and/or will be asked to leave without a refund. 

This is a very fluid time, and FASEB will continue to evaluate what is needed to ensure you are comfortable and we meet safely.