Knowledge Base and Mapping Tools for Integrative Physiological Modeling Using SPARC


December 12, 2023

The SPARC Portal was developed to support the needs of the autonomic nervous system research community in linking brainstem motor output, via sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve fibers, with visceral organs and the sensory fibers that provide feedback to the control centers in the brainstem. A major component of the SPARC Portal is the SPARC Connectivity Knowledge Base of the Autonomic Nervous System (SCKAN), a centralized resource to populate, discover, and search autonomic nervous system connectivity knowledge over multiple scales.  

The data repository, knowledge base, spatial mapping tools and organ scaffolds behind the SPARC Portal are also capable of supporting a wide range of other physiological systems, including the vasculature, lymphatics and neuro-musculoskeletal systems. The functional connectivity map, which includes all organ systems, organs and functional tissue units), is designed to provide an interface to a wide range of physiological data and models.

In this American Physiological Society webinar, Maryann Martone, PhD, and Peter Hunter, PhD, will explore the SCKAN knowledge base, SPARC Knowledge Graph and the potential uses of the portal for the wider range of physiological processes. The interactive program will allow the audience to discuss ways in which the portal may be developed to meet the needs of integrative physiological modeling.

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