The Nexus of Soil and Water Quality: Impacts on the Health of Humans, Animals, and Ecosystems

February 2–3, 2022

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February 2-3, 2022

This conference is a two half-day program in FASEB’s Catalyst Conference series. The overarching focus will be on the current geoscience, biological and biomedical research in soil and water quality and influences on the health of humans, animals, ecosystems, and the environment.

Each half-day virtual program will begin with brief introductory comments by one of the organizers. There will be an identical format for each day:
•    A 30-minute overview of the day’s focus, provided by established scientists (see below). Day 1: Soil Health; Day 2: Water Quality
•    Two 15- to 20-minute invited presentations of bio or geo scientific research investigations from early stage or mid-career investigators.
•    10-minute break
•    Two 15 to 20-minute invited presentations of bio or geo scientific research investigations from early stage, mid-career or established investigators.
•    Q&A presenters with chat feature questions moderated by the day’s chair
•    The conference will be convened with a special attention to considerations of diversity, equity, and inclusion when inviting speakers and participants.

The Day 1 overview speaker is Jo Handelsman, PhD, a Vilas Research Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor, who also serves as director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. Research in the Handelsman Lab focuses on understanding the genetic basis for diversity and stability of microbial communities, the role of a gut community as a source of opportunistic pathogens, and the soil microbial community as a source of new antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes. 

Handelsman’s new book on the importance of soil in ecosystems and health, A World Without Soil: The Past, Present, and Precarious Future of the Earth Beneath Our Feet, co-authored with Kayla Cohen, will be published in November.

The Day 2 overview speaker will be Gabriel Filippelli, PhD, Chancellor’s Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Filippelli is Executive Director of the Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute and Editor-in-Chief of GeoHealth. His research interests include biogeochemical cycling in the environment and the links between environmental processes and human health.



Patricia L. Morris, MS, PhD

The Rockefeller University

Hannah V. Carey, PhD

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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