Want to share your cutting-edge research findings with your colleagues? Consider submitting an abstract for a short talk or an in-person poster/e-poster. 

How to Submit

Once you have registered to participate in the conference, the registration confirmation email that is sent to you contains a link to upload your abstract in PDF only. 

Abstract Tips 

Abstracts must be in English and limited to 5000 characters. 

  • List the presenting author first on the abstract. 
  • Presenting authors (who may be a substitute for the primary author) must be registered to attend. 
  • Refer to your abstract confirmation for how to access and edit your abstract after submission. 
  • Abstract submission is optional for attendees but is required for invited speakers and session chairs who are speaking. 
  • Any author presenting an abstract at the conference (including those who may be a substitute for the primary author) must be registered to attend. 

Abstracts for Short Talks  

All submitted abstracts are considered for a short talk unless the submitter has indicated that they only would like to present a poster during registration. Conference organizers review and select the abstracts. If your abstract is selected, you will receive email notification approximately three weeks before the conference. If selected for a short talk, you will still present an in-person poster and e-poster. 

Abstracts for In-Person Posters/e-Posters  

In-person poster presentations, and e-posters are interactive ways to engage with your colleagues and present your research. If you submit an abstract, you are automatically eligible to present. Poster presenters will upload an e-Poster in a portal (accessible only to registered conference attendees, in-person or remote) to augment their in-person presentation. 

For in-person posters used during the poster session, size instructions will be provided in a poster email. For e-posters, one week prior to the conference, submitters will receive an email with login information for the e-Poster Hall.  

Declined Abstracts 

Please note that conference organizers reserve the right to decline any submitted abstract that lacks scientific content or merit, or merely announces the availability of a resource or service. It is inappropriate to submit an abstract with an obvious commercial intent.