About Help Desk

DataWorks! Help Desk provides easy-to-use resources on data management for researchers in the biology and biomedical fields.


Help Desk is a pilot program that focuses on providing specific data management guidance for NIH-funded researchers in the experimental biology community. In the future, we plan to expand our resources to additional funders in the scientific community. 

Help Desk is being built as a hub for helping you find answers to your data management questions quickly and easily. It is also a community that is here to champion researchers who make data management possible, highlight successes in the biological and biomedical sciences, and help you leverage resources at your institutions. If you have a Help Desk resource that fellow researchers could benefit from, let us know

In order to learn from your peers and connect with experts, join us for our monthly salons to have conversations about data management best practices. 

What's Next

The pilot of Help Desk is just the beginning—we will grow and evolve to serve the needs of our community. In the future we plan to:  

  • Expand the resources to include detailed domain and discipline specific information on data management, tailored to the biological and biomedical sciences   
  • Offer consultation services to answer your data management questions and provide specific guidance to support your data management needs

Share with Us

Do you have data management best practices in the biological and biomedical sciences—e.g., molecular biology, genomics, biochemistry, clinical research, neuroscience, etc.—that you’d like to share with the community? Email us.

If you're interested in a customized data management consultation service for your institution, email DataWorks! Program Director Katherine McNeill for more information.