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Recommendations, tools, and resources for the conduct and management of financial relationships between academia and industry in biomedical research



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Addition to Tools for Societies: A review of conflicts of interest, competing interests, and bias for toxicologists, LD Claxton, Toxicology and Industrial Health, 2007 (free full text).


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Welcome to the COI Toolkit


Academic-industry collaborations are a fundamental and beneficial part of modern biomedical science. However, the increase in number and complexity of these relationships has been accompanied by concerns about financial conflicts of interest (COI). This toolkit was developed to help the scientific community better navigate financial relationships between academia and industry. Guiding principles, recommendations, and practices were developed by a coalition of stakeholders (read more here). Maintaining the public trust and assuring the integrity of research is of the highest importance. More consistent policies and practices and better tools will serve to benefit the public and scientific community by fostering a healthy relationship between academia and industry.

Toolkit Components
  • Introduction About financial relationships between academia and industry in biomedical research, regulations and policies, and current activities
  • Guiding Principles Recommended principles for policy development and individual behavior
  • Tools Recommended practices and tools for implementation

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