Other FASEB Publications

The FASEB Journal is the flagship publication for FASEB.  However, we publish a variety of other reports, data sets, fact sheets, and resources.  Below is a listing of other FASEB publications that may be of interest to you:

Federal Funding Data

As part of FASEB's efforts to inform the policy development process, FASEB's Office of Public Affairs collects, compiles, and analyzes information relevant to biomedical research policy:

Advocacy Resources

It is not enough for national organizations like FASEB to advocate on behalf of science—elected officials want to hear from their own constituents!  The Become an Advocate section of our website has resources available like:

Breakthroughs in Bioscience

The Breakthroughs and Horizons in Bioscience series brings forth essays that illustrate recent breakthroughs in biomedical research and their importance to society. It also highlights the important role animal models play in biomedical research and discovery.

Horizons in Bioscience

Horizons in Bioscience describes scientific discoveries on the brink of clinical application. These one page documents are intended to supplement our longer Breakthroughs in Bioscience series.

LSRO Legacy Reports

Originally, FASEB established the Life Science Research Organization (LSRO) at the formal request of the US Army Research Office.  In 1997 LSRO became an office of the American Society for Nutritional Sciences and then in 2001 incorporated as an independent, nonprofit company.  Since it's founding, the LSRO staff has maintained an international reputation for providing unbiased scientific counsel to government agencies, industry, and associations.  In 2014, LSRO provided FASEB with the copyrights to their LSRO Legacy Reports; more than 375 reports, monographs and journal articles. 

FASEB Directory of Members

FASEB is made up of 29 scientific member societies, representing over 130,000 researchers from around the world.  The FASEB Directory of Members (The Directory) is available online as a searchable database, considered by many to be an essential reference for the life science community.

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