Travel Awards for FASEB Science Research Conferences

The FASEB Science Research Conferences (SRC's) have been very successful and scientifically important activities of the Federation since 1982. There are approximately thirty conferences which meet for five days during the summer period (June-August) on topics in biomedical research.  Emphasis is on the cutting-edge of research, with prominent scientists in each field making presentations to attendees who themselves are heavily engaged in research or ancillary fields where an accurate understanding of allied scientific advances is important.

FASEB DREAM Travel Awards are available for select conferences to help defray the cost of conference registration fees and related travel expenses for eligible academic trainees (postdoctoral and advanced graduate students).

Please note: All complete travel award application packets must be received by the FASEB Diversity Resources Program Office by 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) on the related application receipt deadline date. All late and/or incomplete application packets will be declined upon receipt.

Procedures to Apply

  1. Review eligibility and requirements
  2. Register for a FASEB Science Research Conference
  3. Download the travel award application (Please direct questions to the DREAM/SRC Travel Award Manager)
  4. Review procedures upon notification
  5. Review rules for reimbursement

Please note that you can only apply for a travel award AFTER you have received confirmation of your programmed abstract for the selected conference. The number of FASEB DREAM travel awards is limited; therefore, each postdoctoral fellow or advanced graduate student may apply for only one (1) conference per summer period.  Preference will be given to first-time/new conference attendees who will be presenting at the FASEB SRC. Specify the conference you desire to attend on the application form. Be advised that not all of the FASEB SRC will be eligible for FASEB DREAM travel awards.

Completed FASEB DREAM travel award application packets must be received in the FASEB Diversity Resources Program Office at least six weeks prior to the scheduled conference dates.  Upon approval of the FASEB DREAM/SRC travel award application, an official travel award letter specifying the details of the travel award will be sent to the awardee at least three weeks prior to the conference.

Last Updated: 09/05/18


The FASEB Diversity Resources Program is funded by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health.  [R25-GM116706]