Career Centers

The role of professional societies and associations in the science community is an important one.  It is through the services and activities provided by the professional societies and associations that research scientists are encouraged to learn through continued educational development, and evolve into top quality researchers and leaders in the community of scientists.

Professional scientific organizations provide vast resources for individuals pursuing a career in science including scientific meetings and conferences, journals and publications, and career services.  Many professional scientific organizations understand and value the role they play in providing career assistance and resources for their membership and others in the field.  FASEB is among this group of professional organizations that continue to uphold their commitments to helping to improve the quality of life for life science researchers through the services and benefits offered to their respective memberships and the science community at large.

The career services offered by the FASEB are available to all members and organizations of the life sciences community.  We currently provide career resources management and services to the members of the participating societies of the Experimental Biology meeting, the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) annual meeting, and The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) annual meeting.  We provide two primary services for the memberships of FASEB member societies/associations: year-around career services and meeting-related career services.

Meeting-related Career Services

FASEB offers an onsite meeting-related career service providing job applicants and employers with an informal environment to meet, exchange electronic messages, schedule and conduct interviews, register online and/or onsite, and post employment opportunities. In addition, ancillary career services including career development seminars, workshops and cover letter/resume critiquing are provided for registrants of the Career Center and attendees of the annual meeting.

Year-Round Career Services

FASEB offers a year-around career service allowing job seekers and employers access to facilities to register and manage their account, profiles and data online, view applicant data profiles and available employment opportunities. In addition, users are able to exchange communications and exchange messages online 24-hours per day.

As a provider of onsite career services for over 20 years, FASEB has a full understanding of the needs and requirements of scientific associations and societies to provide professional and efficient career services for their memberships and meeting attendees. During the past two decades, the services provided by FASEB for society members and meeting attendees have evolved as the needs and requests from the service users (applicants and employers) evolved. As technologies progressed, the career services provided by FASEB have transformed into more efficient and user-friendly onsite and online career services for the employers and applicants who participate.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how FASEB may assist your organization with career resources management and services!