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"The FASEB MARC program is a wonderful resource that enables us to identify outstanding minority students and minority institutions, enhancing our recruiting efforts in Life Sciences at the University of Oregon. It also enables students and Institutions around the country to identify the University of Oregon Life Sciences programs as an excellent research institution that offers outstanding training opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students interested in Life Sciences careers."

Peter M. O'Day, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology
SPUR Coordinator
University of Oregon

“To be successful and to be able to contribute to the scientific community, you must be a first class scientist,” states Rosa-Molinar. “Programs like SROP help give students the critical tools needed to ready them for the competitive scientific arena.”

Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras

"The Summer Research Opportunity Program has given me the unique opportunity to mentor and train young scientists who have gained a better appreciation for research and its role in the quest for new knowledge."

Dr. Sunny Ohia
Professor of Pharmacology
College of Pharmacy, University of Houston

"Thanks to the FASEB MARC Program, I was able to conduct research at the Graduate School of Public Health in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program (SURE) at Emory University. Through this experience, I learned vital information about researching, ethical behavior in the field of science and the steps I need to take in order to ensure I am prepared for graduate school and a professional career in science-related research."

Koriand'r Conyers
Undergraduate Sophomore
University of Maryland Baltimore County

"It is redeeming to know that it has been a life changing experience for some students with great potential in scientific research. The Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) is a direct impact experience for students and faculty, alike. All that would not be true if it wasn't for the dedication of the FASEB/MARC team and their support."

Dr. Georges Haddad
Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
College of Medicine, Howard University

"The FASEB MARC Program makes a difference! The student subsistence support made it possible for us to expand our SROP to include talented undergraduates whom we otherwise could not have funded. The outcomes speak for themselves: a number of these students are now enrolled in Ph.D. programs, either at Rutgers or elsewhere. Thank you to FASEB MARC and to the dedicated and responsive individuals who lead and administer this successful program."

Dr. Evelyn Erenrich
Assistant Dean, Recruitment and Retention
Rutgers University Graduate School and UMDNJ-Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

"The FASEB/ MARC Organization has been of tremendous benefit to me via my participation in the Grantsmanship Training Program (Sea Turtle Inn in Atlantic Beach, FL), Faculty/Student Career Development Seminars at Minority Institutions, i.e., Savannah State University, Travel Awards for National Scientific Meetings and Conferences, i.e., The 2002 ABRCMS meeting in New Orleans, LA. I recommend other students become involved in the FASEB/MARC Programs. The greatest benefit that I have received are the opportunities to mentor and be mentored. My networking affiliations through the FASEB/MARC have been a catalyst in travels to 5 Eastern European countries: Budapest, Hungary; Berlin-Frankfurt-Munich, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; and Warsaw, Poland. 3 Eastern European countries: Valencia-Barcelona-Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Milan, Italy; and one Carribean country: Havana, Cuba: all for scientific presentations and research in my specialized areas. These meetings and presentations were all since September 2002. I have met some of the world's most renowned scientists and physicians and it is in major part due to the FASEB/MARC Programs and Staff Members. I am greatly appreciative."

John Lee Baker, M.A.
Department of Psychology Program Ph.D. Student
Rutgers-Newark The State University of New Jersey

"As a former MBRS-student at Savannah State, I interned at various research institutions each summer. Those summer research experiences became invaluable as I was searching for financial support for graduate school. Through the FASEB MARC Program, I was able to obtain funding for such opportunities as the Summer Research Opportunity Program, where I was able to work in a lab outside of my home institution to do research during the summer "recess" period. Furthermore, the Summer Undergraduate Research Training Programs positioned me for heavy consideration for advanced international research training at the University of Lagos (Lagos, Nigeria) and the University of Ghana-Legon (Accra, Ghana). Now, I am currently employed by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, in the Department of Infectious Diseases. My major responsibilities at St. Jude include "antibiotic development and discovery", as well as determining how specific genetic mutations in bacteria lead to drug-resistance in diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia and staphylococcal infections."

Dr. Morris Blaylock
Postdoctoral Research Associate
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

"I have developed into a more confident researcher thanks to the pure exposure in science I have received as a participant in FASEB/MARC's research conferences as a Travel Awardee." Kudos to the great folks at FASEB MARC!"

Lisa McPhatter
Doctoral Student
Duke University

"The FASEB MARC has been more than just a funding resource for my travel to scientific meetings. The program has also allowed me the opportunity to serve as a peer mentor for other students that are considering a career in science. The value of these experiences is immeasureable--not only for my own personal and professional growth, but also for the empowerment potential of many underrepresented, but bright future scientists who just need a little inspiration and encouragement to follow through with their goals."

Nicole Acevedo, M.S.
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Michigan

"The FASEB MARC Program opens windows of opportunity for undergraduate students. Thanks in part to the MARC Summer Research Opportunity Program, I had the opportunity to spend the summer at the New York University School of Medicine-Sackler Institute, conducting biomedical research in the Microbiology Department. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in New York, both in and out of the lab, and the FASEB MARC Program made it all possible."

Aliya Frederick
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

"The MARC program is wonderful. They provide opportunities for students that otherwise may not be possible. From my involvement I was able to attend the AAI's Advanced Immunology Course at Stanford University. At the conferences you meet others with similar research interests and goals."

Starlette Sharp
Graduate Student
Tuskegee University

The FASEB Diversity Resources are funded by grants from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health. [R25-GM116706 (IPERT), T36-GM008637 (MARC), T36-GM008059 (MARC)].

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