Kimberly Mulligan, PhD

Faculty Mentor

Kimberly Mulligan
Peer Mentor since 2009
Faculty Mentor since 2012

Kimberly Mulligan attended Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University where she received her B.S and M.S in Chemistry. After leaving Florida A&M, Kimberly pursued her Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University in the Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics. Her dissertation research examined the mechanism by which insulin stimulated skeletal muscle glucose uptake is impaired in the presence of inflammation. In addition to her graduate work, she was a founding member of the Alliance for Cultural Diversity in Research (ACDR) and served as the Community Outreach Chair for several years. During this time she was able to initiate key outreach activities including Family Science Night and Volunteer Scientist in the Classroom at several middle schools.

Upon completion of her graduate work, Dr. Mulligan decided to go the nontraditional route and became a Research Fellow with the Center for Science Outreach at Vanderbilt University. In this position she has been able to merge her love of science and desire to enhance STEM education at the K-12 level. In her current position, she is tasked with the development and implementation of elective scientific curriculum for interdisciplinary science programs at the high school level as well as providing professional development opportunities for teachers to foster scientific learning across curriculum. She also serves as the Program Coordinator for the Research Experience for High School Students (REHSS) which is a 6-week scientific research internship for rising high school seniors. She is currently in the process of securing funding for an afterschool STEM-focused program with the goal of eliminating the barriers to the pursuit of STEM disciplines by increasing the number of role models for underserved and underrepresented minority students. She has several publications and received travel awards which have afforded her the opportunity to present her work at a number of scientific meetings.

Dr. Mulligan is a member of the American Physiological Society, serves as the Vic-President of Lupus Detroit which is an organization dedicated to eliminating lupus as a major health problem through education, advocacy, and service, as well as an active member of the Vanderbilt University Women in Science and Engineering community service committee. She is passionate about increasing diversity in STEM disciplines and was recently honored for her mentorship of graduate students at Vanderbilt with a Distinguished Faculty Award from the Organization of Black Graduate and Professional Students.


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Contact Information

Affiliation:  Postdoctoral Fellow
Institution/Address:  Vanderbilt University
Phone:  615.343.7415
Fax:  615.322.1462
Email:  kimberly.x.mulligan@vanderbilt.edu
FASEB Society Member:  APS
Scientific Discipline:  Physiological Sciences
ABRCMS 2011 Mentor:  YES













Breaking the Ice - Kimberly's "Q&A"


 What movie or TV show do you take guilty pleasure in watching?

 The Real Housewives series (except [Real Housewives ofNew Jersey...  there has to be a limit.)

 If your house was burning down, what would you take and why?

 I would take my photo album because any of the material things can be replaced, but the memories that photos capture are priceless. (Yes, I sound like a MasterCard® commercial!)

 What was the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

 Squid ink paella... and it was delicious!

 What is your favorite video game?

  The Wii version of Super Mario Bros.

 Have you ever jumped out of a plane?

 Yes, and it was one of the most exciting and peaceful moments in my life.

 What is your favorite holiday?

 Thanksgiving. It's a time that I can spend with family without the pressure of running around buying gifts and worrying if people will like them.  And I can eat until my heart's content, which always makes me happy.

 If you were handed free opera tickets, would you go or sell them? Why?

 I would go.  I think that you should take advantage of every opportunity that you are given you never know what you may gain from the experience.

 If you could perform in the circus, what would you do?

 Trapeze artist.

 What is your favorite table or board game?


 What is your favorite ice cream?

 Butter Pecan.