Guide to Benefits:  FASEB Helps Your Society

Science Policy Advocacy

Scientists representing FASEB member societies build a consensus of views from a broad cross-section of the research community. Our professional staff in the Office of Public Affairs (OPA), experts on policy issues that affect scientists and engineers, work with the representatives of our member societies to develop and promote polices to advance research and education in the biological and biomedical sciences.

FASEB amplifies the voice of the individual scientist and ensures that your perspective is represented in policy discussions. By speaking with a single voice, our member

societies can increase the impact of your message and maximize your influence on public policy.FASEB staff and consultants advise member societies on strategies and tactics for their specific initiatives on policy issues pertinent to their discipline and members.

Current OPA policy issues include:

Serving our Members & Communicating Our Message

FASEB provides its member societies with:

  • Representation on FASEB’s Board to shape legislation action initiatives
  • Outcome-oriented, professional advocacy on issues vital to FASEB member societies
  • Real-time information, analysis, and updates on policy and legislative news of interest
  • Access to research policy makers
  • Staff presentations at society meetings
  • Articles for society newsletters on policy topics
  • Customized advocacy materials
  • Opportunities to partner with other life and physical sciences organizations
  • Weekly meetings with societies’ public affairs staff to discuss recent developments
  • Up to the minute communication on late-breaking news to ignite conversations about science policy

Association Management Services

FASEB has been supporting scientific societies and biomedical research for over a century.  Our team is accustomed to the unique responsibilities of nonprofit entities and can establish the necessary strategies, processes, correspondence, logistics, and staff to fulfill those requirements.  From administrative support to membership marketing, from meeting management to financial services, FASEB can provide tailored services to help your organization thrive.  Focus on what’s most important, the scientific research – let us handle the rest! To learn more, click here.

Is Your Society Ready to Join?

It is our belief that all of us working together, rather than as separate entities, will accomplish more toward the advancement of biological and biomedical sciences. We are an organization that is engaged in public policy for the benefit of our members.

If you share our vision of collaborative advocacy, please browse our website for additional resources or request more information about FASEB's benefits by sending a web request here.