In Memoriam: Alan L. Schneyer, PhD

FASEB is deeply saddened by the loss of Alan L. Schneyer, PhD, a member of the FASEB Board of Directors, who died on November 18. Schneyer joined the Board in 2018 as a representative of the Endocrine Society.

Always a thoughtful and engaged member of the Board, Schneyer brought unique perspectives to the Board based on his long-standing career as an academic scientist and his experience starting his own biotech company. Most recently, Schneyer was appointed to the Emerging Issues/Revenue Opportunities Task Force where he was actively involved in discussions related to how FASEB can best move forward with future revenue-generating opportunities.

Schneyer earned a PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Miami. Among his many professional achievements, he was proud of the 20 years he conducted research in the Reproductive Endocrine Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. Schneyer spent an additional 10 years at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst and the Pioneer Valley Life Science Institute before founding a startup to work on a therapy to cure diabetes. Read more in Schneyer’s obituary

FASEB extends its deepest condolences to the Schneyer family and remains forever grateful for Schneyer’s service to the Federation and the scientific community.