Judy Blumenthal, PhD

Judy G. Blumenthal, Ph.D.

Judy Gail Blumenthal, Ph.D., is an expert in the application of behavioral principles and has taught many people over the years how to successfully present themselves in writing and in person. Dr. Blumenthal has presented papers and workshops at the Association for Behavior Analysis, International (ABA), and at the Maryland Chapter of ABA. Additionally, Dr. Blumenthal has presented workshops for FASEB and for the American Society for Microbiology.  Dr. Blumenthal is a peer reviewer for the Journal, Behavior and Social Issue, and is on the editorial board for the Behavior Analysis Digest.

Dr. Blumenthal is a professor at Montgomery College (Rockville, Maryland) and at University of Maryland University College (Adelphi, Maryland) where she teaches the application of behavioral principles in her courses. Previously, Dr. Blumenthal was a career employee with the federal government, serving in a variety of capacities such as Director of Academic Partnerships and Outreach, Employment Procedures and Policy, and in Behavioral Health.  







Judy Blumenthal, PhD presents...


"Career Corner" Counseling Sessions at Scientific Meetings
  • Experimental Biology meetings


Seminar Presentations

  • Revealing Your Character Through Your Resume  
  • Successful Behaviors For Winning An Interview
  • Making the Connection: The Relationship Between the Resume, the Interview and the Job
  • Sometimes It's Who You Know : Winning at Networking
  • The Right Attitude and Behaviors While Job Searching from the Resume to the Job Offer