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Resources on Public Awareness and Outreach

These resources provide information on communication and outreach practices to educate the public and raise awareness of the importance and societal benefits of animal research.  While not all of these resources focus solely on communication concerning animal research, organizations should nonetheless find their recommendations useful in developing their own awareness and outreach policies.


International Resources provides the public with detailed, reliable scientific information on why certain lines of scientific research require the humane use of animals in research.

Basel Declaration
Calling for more trust, transparency, and communication on animal research, the Basel Declaration works to delineate the medical problems that still exist that require animal research to solve.  The declaration also provides a set of principles on the humane use of animals in research as well as public dialogue on the need for animal research to solve these medical problems.

International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS)
ICLAS is a worldwide resource for laboratory animal science promoting the advancement of laboratory animal science in developing countries.  In collaboration with the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS), ICLAS has developed International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals

Speaking of Research
Speaking of Research aims to provide accurate information about the importance of animal research in medical veterinary science.

North and South American Resources

Canadians for Health Research (CHR), Canada
CHR works to engage Canadians in understanding scientific research, its challenges, and its potential benefits to society through advocacy and education.

Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR), US
FBR promotes public awareness and support for animal research, spearheads educational outreach programs, and monitors AR extremist activity within the US

Kids 4 Research, US
Kids 4 Research is an online educational resource that provides materials for students, teachers, and parents on the humane use of animals in biomedical research.

Partners in Research (PIR), Canada
PIR is a charity founded with the goal of communicating the benefits of medical research to the public.  PIR also provides education materials to raise public awareness on the humane use of animals in research.

Science Media Centre, (SMC) Canada
The Science Media Centre of Canada is a non-profit charitable organization that helps journalist report on science issues, resulting in media coverage that is more informed, accurate, and incisive.

States United for Biomedical Research (SUBR), US
A network of non-profit associations, SUBR works to build collaborations between scientific organizations and individuals to promote public awareness of and support for biomedical research, including the humane use of animals in research.

European Resources

Animal Research for Life, Europe
Animal Research for Life is a resource created to inform the European public on why and how research with animals is conducted.  It is a collaborative project of the pharmaceutical industry and organizations promoting biomedical research.

Dierproeven, Netherlands
Dierproeven is a Dutch website providing information on research with animals, their societal benefits, and the regulations that govern their humane use.

Djurförsök, Sweden
A collaboration of the Swedish Research Council and eight universities, Djurförsök provides the public with balanced, factually grounded resources for understanding humane animal research.

European Animal Research Association (EARA), Europe
The European Animal Research Association is a communications and advocacy organization that endeavors to uphold the interests of biomedical research and healthcare development across Europe by facilitating an open animal debate. EARA informs and educates audiences about the benefits and necessity of animal research by providing evidence-based information and accurate communications.

National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs), UK
NC3Rs encourages humane, ethical research with animals by working with researchers both within the UK and internationally to promote the 3Rs.

Science Media Centre (SMC), UK
SMC is an independent press office that provides rapid, accurate, scientifically sound information to the media.  They focus on controversial topics where confusion and misinformation occurs, such as animal research.

Sense about Science, UK
Sense about Science works to steer public discussion of science through campaigns that disseminate the benefits of the scientific method to the public.

The Society for Biology: Animal Science Group (ASG), UK
ASG works to promote the benefits of animal science by coordinating policy initiatives by animal research stakeholders within the UK.

Understanding Animal Research (UAR), UK
UAR works to raise public understanding and acceptance of the humane use of animals in laboratory animal research.

Asian-Pacific Resources

Australian & New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART), Australia and New Zealand
ANZCCART was formed in response to public concerns over the use of animals in research and teaching.  It works to address, in a balanced and considerate way, the scientific, ethical, and social issues associated with animals in research and teaching. strives to build a global virtual community for Chinese-speaking scientists.  It provides timely scientific news, abundant resources and information, and hosts active discussion for Chinese-speaking scientists on all matters of science.

Australia Science Media Centre (AUSSMC), Australia
AUSSMC is an independent non-for-profit service for the news media, giving journalists direct access to evidence-based science and expertise.  AUSSMC aims to better inform public debate on scientific issues through improved communication between the media and the scientific community.

Science Media Centre of Japan (SMC), Japan
The goal of the SMC Japan is to facilitate scientists’ engagement with the media, in the hope that the public will have improved access to accurate, evidence-based scientific information.

Science Media Centre New Zealand (SMC-NZ), New Zealand
SMC-NZ is an independent organization that facilitates links between the media and the scientific community so that the media has easy access to sound, relevant, scientific information.


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