An index of resources is provided for individuals and organizations on how to 1) combat animal rights extremism and 2) promote public awareness of the value of animal research and the ethical guidelines in place to ensure appropriate care and treatment of laboratory animals.

Selected Resources
Extremism and Targeted Action Resources
Public Awareness and Outreach Resources
Animal Research Statements

About the Report

Some individuals and groups resort to illegal, threatening, and violent action in support of their goal to abolish the use of animals in research. While rare, incidents by extremists cause great distress to researchers and their institutions and may disrupt and cause setbacks to research projects.

To combat this extremism, FASEB has developed the best practices report: “The Threat of Extremism to Medical Research: Best Practices to Mitigate Risk through Preparation and Communication.” Guidance in this document is organized into two main categories: 1) Mitigation of the extremist threat through preparation and 2) Communication and outreach to educate the public. This document can serve as a starting point for organizations and individuals to tailor their own preparedness and outreach policies.

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