Translational Neuroimmunology: From Mechanisms to Therapeutics

Conference Summary

The interactions between the nervous and  immune systems have been studied for some time, largely to decipher the molecular chemical mechanisms of damage inflicted on the nervous system. Interesting revelations and advances continue to be made in this field, namely, linkages between inflammatory processes and neurodegeneration, developments in bi-directional communication molecules between the CNS and the immune system, advances in imaging of the nervous system and the immune system, and forays into the use of stem cells in repair of the neurologic system. These developments all hold promise for new therapeutic targets. A greater understanding of the biochemical and molecular mechanisms underlying diseases associated with dysfunction in the neuroimmune system will undoubtedly facilitate the translational aspect of this field as novel therapeutic targets are moved towards human clinical trials. This will be facilitated by cutting-edge talks from scientists with international reputations on the topics of 1) CNS Metabolism and the Microbiome; 2) Inflammation in the Peripheral Nervous System; 3) Stem Cells and Neuroinflammation; 4) Neuroinflammatory Mechanisms of Demyelinating Diseases; 5) Immunity and Neurodegenerative Diseases; 6) Pre-clinical Studies for CNS Neuroinflammatory Diseases; 7) Neuroinflammation and Neurotrauma; 8) Neuroinflammation and Host Defense; and 9) The Many Faces of Microglia. In addition, this SRC will host a pre-meeting workshop entitled "Introduction to Concepts, Model Systems and Cutting-edge Methodologies in Neuroimmunology" that will provide attendees with  basic neuroimmunology concepts and discuss the role of inflammation in disorders affecting the nervous system. Aspects of this SRC conference that have been ranked highly by past attendees include, ample presentation and discussion time for oral presentations, selection of abstracts from junior scientists and graduate trainees for short platform presentations, scheduling free and open discussion time for attendees to establish new and foster ongoing collaborations, and highly interactive poster sessions. These attributes will ensure that attendees receive the most up-to-date scientific discoveries in the field of neuroimmunology and will highlight the interdisciplinary nature of neuroimmunology, neuroscience, and neurochemistry.

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Important Deadlines:   Early Bird: June 9, 2016         Last Day to Register: June 24, 2016  


  • Highly dynamic program covering a range of topics related to the field of neuroimmunology, including peripheral nervous system, stem cells, glia, neurodegenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis, and infectious disease. The program includes prominent speakers from the neuroimmunology community.
  • Collegial environment that fosters genuine interactions between trainees/junior scientists and established leaders in the field. These interactions will be further augmented by special "Meet the Speaker" breakout sessions targeted for junior scientists.
  • Highly interactive poster sessions with prize awarded for top poster presentation from graduate/postdoctoral attendee.
  • Group Activity: Whitewater Rafting with Montana Whitewater Raft Company, 7/28 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

PRE - MEETING WORKSHOP* (for Trainees only): Introduction to Concepts, Model Systems and Cutting edge Methodologies

*requires Saturday arrival. Registration required – email teacho@faseb.org with 11677 Pre-Meeting Workshop as the subject line.  Lodging reservations (on your own) must be made for Saturday night.

Keynote Speakers

Mario Capecchi, University of Utah Health Sciences Center
Marco Prinz, University of Freiburg, Germany

Conference Organizers

Chair:  Tammy Kielian
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Email:  tkielian@unmc.edu

Co-Chair:   Monica Carson
Affiliation: University of California at Riverside
E-mail: monica.carson@ucr.edu

Conference Staff

Trina Eacho, Conference Coordinator
Pippa O'Shea, Conference Assistant

Contact us:
Email:  src@faseb.org   Phone: 1.301.634.7010

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Date & Location

Date: July 24-29, 2016
Location: Mountain Mall, Mammoth Room
                 50 Big Sky Resort Road
                 Big Sky, MT

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Big Sky Resort
Huntley Lodge
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