COI Toolkit

Recommendations, tools, and resources for the conduct and management of financial relationships between academia and industry in biomedical research





Partners in Compliance

Companies that work with academic investigators and institutions also have a role in ensuring objectivity, transparency, and accountability. Companies should:

Understand the constraints on outside activities of academic investigators.

Understand that a relationship with a research institution is a different type of business relationship. Institutional approvals and safe guards are part of the process and must not be manipulated, circumvented, or directed.

Understand the institution that you are working with. Not all academic institutions are alike or have identical policies. It is incumbent upon the research sponsor to be familiar with institutional policies.

Help collaborators be in compliance.

Encourage academic collaborators to disclose their outside interests. It is best for all involved if this is done openly and up front, and it saves a lot of work and mistrust later.

Not knowingly put the investigator in an untenable position with respect to his/her institution.

Work cooperatively with the institution to anticipate and solve problems.